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An African proverb says:

"When elephants fight it is the grass always remain crushed."

Statistics tell us that although women constitute the largest number of victims of conflict, they are almost always excluded from diplomats and decision-making tables that lead to peace. Yet women are good negotiators on the peace tables, perfectly able to be formed at the diplomatic level, to study international relations and political science. Women should participate in peace processes because they are a party to the conflict just as much as men. And the agreements only work well if you have to squeeze the people involved.





Why Monte di Procida? This town has since remote times, a tradition of seafaring among the noblest of history not only Italian but also European. The montesi were and are still a nation of owners and sailors. Their absence, which sometimes lasted well over a year, he created a social class of autonomous Women not only in choices and in the government of the family but also in those of the City. Women passionate, strong and decisive but also Women of Fashion. Women montesi, skilled weavers, embroiderers and seamstresses in the absence of their husbands, they gave vent to their creativity creating real works of art. They took shape so valuable collections made by renowned finely crafted hand-woven linen, for the dowry of their children.


World Congress of Women of Fashion and Design. An annual event to be held in the municipality of Monte di Procida with the goal of identifying new formulas and initiatives to be undertaken in favor of peace and equality in the world through the instrument Fashion and its main protagonists: WOMEN. The World Congress of Women of Fashion and Design in 2016, organized by African Fashion Gate and the City of Monte di Procida, treat it as topic "Equal opportunities skin color on the runway." The purpose of the Congress is to increase awareness of the issues under discussion, to facilitate the interrelations between categories, nations, cultures and religions. As the ultimate goal then, produce a unified document to be proposed to the competent institutions to legislate on the matter. Each participant may contribute to the theme of the congress.

“La Moda veste la Pace” 

Congresso Mondiale delle Donne della Moda e del Design un appuntamento annuale da svolgersi nel comune di Monte di Procida con l’obiettivo di individuare nuove formule e iniziative da intra-prendere in favore della pace e l’uguaglianza nel mondo attraverso lo strumento Moda e le sue pro-tagoniste principali: LE DONNE.....

"Fashion dresses Peace".

The World Congress of Women of Fashion and Design holds an annual event in Monte di Procida, its purpose is to identify new initiatives which are to be undertaken in favor of peace and equality in the world through the instrument/power of Fashion and its main protagonists: WOMEN...

"La Moda s'habille de la Paix".

Le Congrès Mondial des Femmes de la Mode et du Design.
Un rendez vous annuel à effectuer chaque année dans le comune de Monte di Procida avec l'objectif de désigner de nouvelles formules et initiatives d'entreprendre en faveur de la paix et de l'égalité dans le monde à travers l'instrument de la mode et ses principales protagonistes :les Femmes....



11:00  Entrance Hall Capri invited the Saracen Tower
Monte di Procida
11:30 Coffee and accommodation 
12:00 greetings and start conference
13:00 conclusion of the work and delivery awards
13.05 parade of African customs
13.45 Mediterranean buffet with culinary excursions multiethnic

Ingrid tamborin Journalist VOGUE
Giuseppe Pugliese Mayor of Monte di Procida
Nicola Paparusso Secretary General of AFG
Pathé Dia Senegalese Stylist
Abdallah Cozzolino Islamic Community Campania
Gennaro Pascarella Bishop of Pozzuoli
Claudia Beretta President Association of Women of Africa
Ester Pugliese V. Pres. Tech Committee. accredited to the Government of the table "Stability Shipyard"
for the Institutional Protection of Women's Interests
Valerian Mariani Woman Entrepreneur Magazine
Lynda Okány Responsible Nigerian community in Italy
Naceur Mestiri S.E. Ambassador of Tunisia in Italy




Franca Sozzani

Director of "Vogue Italy", a position he has held since 1988 and the October 2006 issue is also editor in chief of 'L'Uomo Vogue'. In addition to covering these charges, Franca Sozzani is editorial director of the publishing house Condé Nast Italy and, since March 2013, Chairman of the Foundation IEO European Institute of Oncology.
In February 2010 launched the website, the first portal in the world the name of the fashion magazine. Then were entrusted to two other printed publications: "Vogue Gioiello" and "Vogue Accessory."
In 2015 she was appointed editor in chief of all the magazines in Italian language with the Vogue brand. In addition to the publications already he directs was also entrusted "Vogue Bride" and "Vogue Bambini"


Work of Maesto Goldsmith Gerardo Sacco
He has created several designs for Italian television broadcasts.
In 1986 Franco Zeffirelli asked him to write these pieces for his Othello, with Katia Ricciarelli and Placido Domingo. The artistic partnership between the two continues in 1988, for the film "The Young Toscanini" starring Elizabeth Taylor and Thomas Jowel. In 1991 Sacco realized for the Florentine director of scene jewelry to '"Hamlet" starring Glenn Close, Mel Gibson and Alan Bates. Other jewelry designer Gerardo Sacco for the cinema are found in the films: "Immortal beloved" with Isabella Rossellini and Gary Oldman in 1994, in "Anna Karenina" with Sophie Marceau in 1997, and in "Dangerous Beauty" of 1998 with Catherine McCormack and Rufus Sewell More recently created precious ornaments for Virzi's 2007 film "N" I and Napoleon played by Monica Bellucci.


2007 was an important year for this issue, because the then former model color Bethann Hardi-son, founder of the Diversity Coalition, which works with fashion institutions to make sure that there is no racial discrimination, called a press conference in New York, accusing the fashion industry to continue to discriminate against minorities. From that moment as recited Hardison things changed and several initiatives have been taken, especially by the newspapers, to show that there is no racism in fashion.
The following year, the editor of Vogue Italy Franca Sozzani, published in the July issue of only mo-color. For some years on the magazine's website is the VBlack section, which collects items that relate only models, designers or famous color characters.



Canadian singer of Chinese descent,
considered among the most important sopranos in the world. Although Taoist is known as the singer of the Pope for having captivated during his birthday in December 2013. He has received several awards as a singer but LU YE is also an actress. He was lucky to work between the two worlds. East and West. He has in fact acted in a few dramas in Canada and presented several TV programs in China.


Chief editor of TG2


President of the 'Association of Voluntary
Little Dresses for Africa Italy dedicated to international cooperation. Deals to bring clothes to boys and girls of Africa and of all those countries that need it, sewn by volunteers. A project that combines the passion and the joy of helping to give a smile to children in Africa.



Among the most talented dancers in all these years of Amici di Maria De Filippi, but it was also
dell'Albanian Ballet choreographer and undisputed star of TV Klan, the note Albanian television network. Directed by Nicholas Paparusso, he was the star of Mao Otayeck video clip in which Stevie Wonder played his legendary
Harmonic mouth. The song "Carry On", donated by Otayeck as the theme song of African Fashion Gate, finds inspiration in the concepts of peace and opportunities for the new generations.


African Fashion Gate intervista al tg2 insieme

Nicola Paparusso ed Helena De Jesus al Tg2 Insieme 

6 Maggio 2016






Via Panoramica n°111
Monte di Procida (NA)


African Fashion Gate
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